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Promoting floatation since its inception.

Shoshana helped pioneer the growth and development of floatation in the USA, Europe, and around the world.

Shoshana trained with Lee and Glenn Perry, founders of the first commercial float tank company (Samadhi), and Dr. John C. Lilly, the pioneering scientist who conducted research on sensory deprivation and its effects. Shoshana introduced luminaries such as Robin Williams, John Lennon Peter Gabriel, John McEnroe, Susan Sarandon, Annie Lennox and Marshall Chess to floating, as well as Micheal Hutchison, author of The Book of Floating, a pivotal work which explains the benefits and scientific research regarding floatation.

Shoshana loves to float and her history is rich with tales of the many thousands of people touched deeply by floating. She's watched floating grow from the late 1970s to the present day, being involved as an expert every step of the way. From creating the first online directory of float spas and centers, to leading and collaborating in special projects regarding research, quality standards and regulatory policy.

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My Approach

Focus on planning and training, not just on making money. More rewards come with a deeper approach.

Floating counts. It's about what customers need and assisting their process with the proper tools and communication. Working in a float center brings people into the fold, and it brings people together into a larger group with a larger vision. I start with an orientation to communicate in a subtle way with each person, making them feel completely comfortable and in control of their experience.  The orientation experience is a performance and something that you work on so that you can feel more connected with your customers. If they don't get a unique gratifying experience then you haven't done your job. And perhaps they won't come back. An important part of floating and starting a float business is overcoming. Everybody has some kind of fear: fear of the unknown, fear of the dark, fear of being trapped, fear of failure. We are only human, right? It is important to work with our fears in order to progress.

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My Areas of Expertise

40 years of experience has given me a broad knowlege base to work from.

As a longstanding international sales agent for Samadhi and other float tank companies, I've gained a lot of experience in the set up of float centers. There are many steps to complete when setting up a centre or installing a system, and there's no point in each new person going through the learning curve each time. It can be very costly and stress-inducing to learn on one's own. As the current Executive Director of the Float Tank Association, I'm also immersed in the current research, regulations and technological developmens which affect the floatation industry.

My work in 30 US states, 50 countries and with systems of all types uniquely qualifies me within the world of floatation. My areas of expertise are in industry development, project management, float center operations, education, staff training, customer service, maintenance guidelines and techincal development.


Specialized Services

Float Dreams offers a wide array of services for the float industry.
Whether you are just getting started or already operating a float center,
please feel get in touch with me for solid answers.

Float Center Plans

Get help on creating effective
business plans and floor plans.

Custom Float Environments

Highly experienced with helping people
who have unique needs and requests.

Float Tank Selection

Official agent for Samadhi, High-Tech
Float Spas and others.

Working with Healh Depts

A leading expert in the industry
regarding permitting and inspections.

Operations and Orientation

Training can be provided to you and
your staff on float spa protocols.

Water Quality Issues

Shoshana has seen it all and can
assist with your urgent issues.

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