Shoshana's Story

Recently I had an accident. I slipped down a flight of steps. I was told it would take six weeks to heal, having torn some muscles and ligaments. At night I couldn't sleep, never mind moving during the day. Three days after the fall I got myself into a Tank, and since then I feel rejuvenated. I can move and I can sleep.

Inside the tank you feel your whole body breathe, you can relax all the tight muscles that don't allow the blood to flow to the extremities, therefore not allowing you to heal. Sometimes it hurts when you first get in, you can really feel what's tight, and it may be uncomfortable. Little by little just being aware of these tight spots, breathing into these spots, your body will release. This is a miraculous instrument, that very few people know about. I believe it is a great tool for handling injuries. The following is my story and how I got involved with Samadhi Tank Company.

 Well it all started 23 years ago. There was a big box sitting in my house called a Sensory-deprivation tank, also known as the Samadhi Floatation Tank, which my parents manufactured, and took quite seriously. For about a year I had avoided even thinking about this tank. I have always believed that the human condition is less than optional. We are isolated in a world incredibly populated. We work alone, think alone, and seemingly care only about ourselves, so getting into an isolation tank wasn't something I considered to be positive. Our isolation from others is a reflection of how out of contact we are with ourselves and the world we live in.

Eventually, my curiosity got the better of me. After all, if my parents were so enthusiastic about this tank, there must be something to it. I slipped into this wet, silky solution which caressed me completely, enveloping my body like a cradle. Wow, what an incredible feeling! I was totally afloat. I had all these thoughts bouncing through my head: am I doing the right thing, will this help me, am I being overly indulgent? Then, before I could explain what was happening to me, I was laughing hysterically. This laugh seemed to come from somewhere deep within me. I felt so connected, so at peace with myself, like I had finally come home.

At this time in my life I was in training to be a dancer. I was working out 8 hours a day, and I was determined to do anything in my power to reach my full potential. Yet the harder I pushed my body, the more I became sore, nervous, and tired. I tried changing my diet, fasting, yoga, massage, and rolfing, yet I didn't seem to take the wanted leap. I was always fighting with the same patterns of muscle tension, fear, career pains. I wanted to be a better person and be bigger than my problems. Mostly I wanted to find the ability to perform well using everything that was inside of me, and not be afraid of expressing myself.

Once I started floating on a regular basis, I noticed my body becoming less rigid. Apparently I had never learned how to fully relax. I could move easier and demand more from my body. I felt less pain and for the first time I began to feel myself breathe while I moved. I had more suspension and control. Most surprising of all, I had more energy, not less. I had always believed that an athlete needed nervous energy to have power and strength, and being relaxed would only make one lazy, sloppy and slow. To get loose meant to lose control, not to acquire more.

My dancing improved steadily and eventually I moved to New York to be involved with a more professional level of dance. In my spare time I was working at the largest tank center in New York, called tranquility Tanks. One of my jobs was to sit with first time customers who were apprehensive about floating. One day I spoke with M. Hutchinson, a reviewer for the Village Voice. He loved the experience and eventually went on to write The Book of Floating. His review led us to be booked six months in advance.

At this time the tank was mainly marketed to a small, select group of people interested primarily in consciousness exploration. My own interests were more directed toward the physical applications. My dance career now led me to Italy and as soon as possible I started Samadhi Italy. I started working with professional athletes, sharing with them the benefits I had received from the tank. I was able to work closely with people and watch the effect floating had on their livelihood. They were able to keep working instead of sitting out a season because of some injury. In addition to working with professional athletes, I worked at placing the tank into spas and started the idea there that you can achieve a more substantial life if you are willing to do the work for yourself.

Consider the case of Wayne Silby, who conducts brainstorming sessions in the tank: "To get new ideas you need to have a space where your mind chatter and judgments about who you are and what you are doing are turned down. And you can get in touch with a deeper part of yourself that can start revealing patterns that are pretty awesome."

I am now back in the States working for Samadhi, and it seems like I've come full circle. I am now more convinced than ever that the tank would be useful to anyone who has ambitions goals and wants an effective, simple, and timesaving method of dealing with stress. The tank can also help you get rid of headaches, sore muscles, backaches, recover from injuries, and get in touch with holding patterns, be it from an accident, or old, inefficient habits.

The tank is the greatest tool I've ever used, and I would like everybody in the world to know about how great the Samadhi Tank is and how it can effectively allow you to make whatever changes you need to make in your life. I've used the tank regularly, and for 20 years. I know it makes a difference , and I'm sure it will for you too.


How To Use A Floatation Tank, by Oz Fritz

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