Shoshana Leibner Fine Art Services

My goal is to get great art into the hands of the public. Real art has a transformative effect on the viewer, and uplifts our spirits. My special interest is a collaboration of art and business.

I believe that Business has a responsibility of transforming this world and making it a better place for all of us to live. My focus is to get the right tools to business people,which will allow them to become more effective at their work. To this end I have gathered together a group of artists whose vision is positive and uplifting, while at the same time challenging and thoughtful.

In addition to Art in all the various forms listed below, there are other tools which I feel are extremely powerful and effective when used by the nsightful business people These are the Float Spa and the Samadhi Floatation Tank. If you are not familiar with these remarkable tool s for relaxation and Creativity Enhancement, please click here on Floating.

Shoshana's Fine Art Services are divided in to 5 areas:

Fine Art Originals
Including oils and acrylics on canvas, pastels and water colors, pen and ink, etc. Featuring work by artists from the Grass Valley Graphics Group, Self Help Graphics, Black Valley Graphics and others. Portfolios of work of over 20 artist are currently available.


Including Limited Edition Serigraphs, Serigraph Posters, Lithographs, Etchings, etc.



Look through portfolios of art work specially designed for printing as serigraph posters. Choose any image and we will design for you a Poster using your words and Business Logo.



Potentially any of the artist we represent are available for Mural Commissions. We specialize in murals painted on canvas which can be installed anywhere.




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