I have recently been associated with Dan Das Mann Studios in San Francisco and have been exposed to and inspired by the use of steel as an artistic medium.

While in the past I have had the tendency to blur the distinction between realism and impressionism I have rarely indulged in what might be termed abstract or free form art. I now find myself exploring materials and techniques that invite a whimsical explosion of form, movement and color that seem to develop on some level outside of myself. This is a new experience for me and one that I am enjoying very much.

Just as this work is new I am also exploring the Internet as a means of gaining greater exposure for my work and interacting with a larger artistic environment. I hope soon to update my gallery on line at least weekly offering both my own work and that of other artists.

The works here are designed as interior pieces and as such I have chosen lacquer as a finish coating. I have created exterior works for over twenty-five years and have available exterior coatings with UV inhibitors but in that some of the materials and techniques are new to me, particularly metal dyes, I am uncertain of the long-term effects of direct exposure to sunlight to some of these works.

As always I am also available for custom commissions and invite all inquires regarding my work. Also please include a time when it would be most convenient for me to speak with you personally by telephone.

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