We want you to commission a poster for your business, using one of the images you select from special portfolios of work available for serigraph posters. The work of over 20 artists is available.

You choose the image you want for your poster, provide all words and a logo, or other graphics for the printing of the overall design. We will design for you 3 different make-readys. Then you select the 1 design you prefer, which is then hand serigraphed onto thick, 100% museum quality rag paper, in a limited edition of #100 - 300. Each poster is numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. Only twenty five posters out of the edition are signed by the artist for special gifts, or collectors.

Not all posters are created equal. We offer some of the finest poster art by several outstanding artists. Don't take my word for it. Link up below and see for yourself.

Choose a poster image from an Artist of your choice.

We offer some of the finest poster art by several outstanding artist. See for yourself.

What makes a Fine Art Poster, Fine Art?

Not all posters are created equal. Hand serigraphed posters are special. Here's why.

An open Letter to all CEOs re: The Perfect Marketing Strategy for your Business.

This is a letter explaining the history of this project. Read it for more information.

How to Distinguish & Promote your business using Fine Art, limited edition, hand serigraphed posters.

These prints are more valuable than $. They are Premium Stock in your company.

The following quote by Irvine Metzl, from The Poster, Its History and Its Art, expresses my own admiration for the poster as a means of communication:
"A poster is a message dramatically expressed in terms of the graphic arts. Ideally, it should be so startling as to force its attention on every passer-by, so direct that it conveys its complete message in a flash, so simple that its meaning is unmistakable, so convincing that it is remembered long after it is out of sight."

"Every new poster makes news--as surely as today's newspaper, and it sells its news. First to last, a poster sells. Simpler, more direct, and more concentrated than any other kind of advertising, a poster goes straight to the point, says what it has to say, and stops there. It talks faster than you can, eliminates non-essentials, and, like a poem, vibrates with overtones and with its power of persuasion."





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