Liramalala Rakotobe Andriamaro


"I was born in August 14th 1970, in Antananarivo (Madagascar) and have lived in Italy since I was two years old. In each step of my education all my teachers noticed my interest in art, and I pushed myself to attended scientific subjects in the high school, and in the University and for my Ph.D..

At about the end of 1993 I started drawing by myself to counteract the solitude caused by my love story that was dying. I discovered the loneliness as a new friend which gave me the opportunity to dream by drawing.

I have enjoyed painting with water colors too, but only in December 1996, while beginning my Ph.D. period, the will to try oil technique became a urgent necessity, impossible to keep inside any longer. I have found my dimension in "oil on canvas". In one year and half my technique changed very much, my first paintings are very different from the current ones, characterized by strong colors with yellow predominant, "fat" painting, giant objects that the canvas are never able to contain completely".

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