April 10, 1998

I have a unique marketing and public relations package to offer you. My company designs and produces fine art hand serigraphed posters. I work closely with numerous artists and serigraph studios. Each serigraph we produce is a vibrant, handmade original work of art. Editions are small and become almost certain collector's items.

In May 1995 we presented this idea to Starbucks Coffee Company. We worked with the departments of creative services, the V.P. of merchandising, and the head buyer through 1997. The Starbucks Poster Project was launched with the intent of producing museum quality "Coffee Posters," featuring Art by collectible emerging artists."

On one of our first projects while working for Starbucks, we were told that a local San Francisco community was antagonistic to having a new Starbucks move into their neighborhood, so we designed and installed a mural inside the store featuring familiar San Francisco scenes populated by various ethnicities. This strikingly beautiful 27' x 4' mural successfully transformed the feeling and mood inside the store, making it more acceptable to the public.

The artists we represent are exceptional in their ability to evoke feeling and mood. According to the book Emotional Intelligence; "Moods and emotions have far more affect over the choices we make than conventional wisdom would have us believe." An individual's behavior, be it the selection of a car, a mate, or a strategic plan, is more strongly influenced by their mood than logic or rationale.

If you consider the highly successful Absolut Vodka Ad Campaign, you will see that Absolut uses art to create a strong mood to enhance their image. Without really saying anything about their product, they say everything and more. Absolut works with a marketing team which finds artists to design ads featuring the Absolut Bottle along with the name Absolut. Absolut ads are collected and put up around the office; they have been compiled in 2 sold out editions of the Absolut Book; and sales of Absolut Vodka have gone up 14,900% since this ad campaign began. Absolut Genius.

We would like to do a similar form of marketing for your company, with an additional twist. For your company we will design a poster promoting your image, using one of the dozens of artists we represent. You select which artist(s) you wish to design a poster for you out of a portfolio of work which is available on the Internet. The poster will be printed by hand in an edition of 325 serigraphed posters, which can be used to promote your business in many ways. They can be sold in retail stores, out of mail order catalogs or web sites. These posters make thoughtful and unusual corporate gifts, bonuses for employees, prizes or promotions for give-a-ways. And remember the poster image is a ready-made ad when reproduced in a magazine or on a billboard, transferred to T-shirts, coffee mugs, packaging or greeting cards.

Let me help you stand out in the crowd. The investment is minor. You tell us what your company wants to communicate and together, we will find a poster image so startling as to force its attention on everyone who sees it, so simple that its meaning is unmistakable, so convincing that it will be remembered long after it is out of sight.

To discuss a poster edition for your company, call me at (415) 595-3326.

Call me before I call you.

Shoshana Leibner


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