Douglass Cracraft

Quite by accident, at a 1995 New Year's Eve party, Truth was introduced to painting by his friend, California artist E. J. Gold, a founding member of the Grass Valley Graphics Group, of which Truth is now also a member. Gold, a world-renowned painter and sculptor, has had a great influence not only on Truth's style, but on his approach to art and painting.

"I regard spaces, that is, the rooms and houses in which we live, as intelligent in and of themselves," he says, "and not merely as stages for our human endeavors. In some weird way I think that they--our houses and rooms-- are as conscious as we."

Houses, especially older ones, have always inspired a deep fascination. "I used to find abandoned farm houses in the fields and woods where I grew up in Indiana, and it was as if I could feel the lives of the families who had lived there. As if the house itself remembered them. It was eerie." Reluctant to say much about his work, Truth will add that, "I try to put the viewer into the painting."

After a serious illness in 1998 Truth closed his other businesses in order to devote himself entirely to painting and writing. "After a bout like that," he said, "you find out what is really important to you. I found that out, and am fortunate enough now to be able to do it."


mercado maria

by Douglass-Truth • 2000

36" x 48" • Acrylic on Canvas


A Two Story Garage

by Douglass-Truth • 2000

36" x 24" • Acrylic on Canvas


Big Red

1999 acrylic on canvas

artist: Douglass-Truth • 18" x 24" • $475

His Boyhood Room II

1999 acrylic on canvas

Artist: Douglass-Truth 18" x 24" • $550

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