FloatDreams Unique Artists 

I became involved in the art business in 1995. I was just back from Italy after living there for 12 years. I walked into a Starbucks in L.A. needing coffee. Their stark walls and their cold environment did not make any sense. Called the L.A. coordinator, said I have an idea for you getting some great art into your stores. She put me in touch with the Store Planner in Seattle who happened to grow up in L.A. and loved the artists I knew who had gotten too expensive for Starbucks to approach. We met and I propossed creating limited edition prints, and they asked me to plan on limited edition, store opening posters for Starbucks Coffee Company and I produced 180 original pieces of "Coffee Theme Art" forthem. I wanted to find away for Emerging American Artists to bring their work into the communities around the country, and be seen in local coffee houses. To bring back the old atmosphere of coffee houses in Europe where people would meet and participate in discussions about life with each other and have themselves surrounded by the intensity of inspired artists. In 1998 they began doing this work without me, and my idea lives on without all of the intensity I had behind it. Here are the first Starbucks Coffee Expressionism Posters these original Starbucks posters are sure to be collectors items, available for $250 each.

Mary Yanish

Jimmi Accardi

Tom X


E. J. Gold